Artist Statement



My work is an investigation of cultural identity in our current era of globalization.

The current era of globalization is characterized by the rise of electronic technologies. These technologies allow for a quicker and more fluid exchange between individuals, societies, and cultures. The scope of our knowledge is affected by this process.

Perhaps by acknowledging and coming to understand the many viewpoints that exist around the world, individuals and societies may contemplate the building blocks of their own cultural identity and come to understand their own viewpoint better. Maybe they will even take on a new perspective.

My work fuses cross-cultural imagery and display formats to reflect the process of globalization that is occurring. The contrasts and visual conversations that happen among my materials and images highlight cultural differences and similarities in a way that is intended to provoke questioning.

What is cultural identity? How is it affected by technology? Do you decide your own identity? Or are you part of a greater system that decides for you?